Organic extra virgin olive oil 0,75lt



• Extra Virgin Olive Oil: “Az. Agr. San Polo Olio EVO BIO”.
• Harvest year: 2020
• Harvesting system: by hand for stripping and with facilitators.
• Harvest period: in the months of October and November.
• Extraction system: Frantoio Armellini, continuous cycle plant.
• Density: medium fluidity.
• Color: green with golden reflections.
• Bouquet: medium fruity, with herbaceous notes of artichoke and ripe fruit and to a lesser degree of
• Taste: clean, opens with a slight sweet sensation followed by a pleasant and contained bitter and spicy
charge of slight intensity.
• Use: raw on salads, bruschetta, pinzimonio, fish; in the kitchen excellent for the preparation of sauces,
sauces and for frying.

Weight 1,2 kg