The “Armellini Pienza” oil mill was born in 2017 thanks to the passion of the Armellini family for its land, particularly for the olive tree that has always been present in the Tuscan territory, and to the experience gained in the care of its olive grove located between Pienza and Trequanda, in the province of Siena, Il Frantoio, although recently opened, is the result of a knowledge acquired over time and of the attention devoted to the tradition, so strongly rooted in this territory, linked to extra virgin olive oil and to the entire production process, from harvesting to milling.
In fact, being the raw material essential in the making of an excellent oil, it is possible to obtain it in this area without treatments thanks to the particular orography, altitude and harsh winter climate which prevent the spread of parasites, such as flies; its processing is also fundamental.
The “Armellini Pienza” oil mill with its modern machinery, Alfa Laval, aims to offer a healthy and genuine product, thanks to the possibility of following all the stages of production, from the selection of the olives, to the processing in the olives, strictly with cold pressing , conservation and bottling.

Our products

Extra Virgin Olive Oil 0,5 lt
Extra Virgin Olive Oil 0,25 lt
Extra virgin olive oil 1lt
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Extra Virgin Olive Oil 3 lt
Extra Virgin Olive Oil 0,75 lt
Extra Virgin Olive Oil 0,25 lt
Extra Virgin Olive Oil 0,5 lt

Extra virgin olive oil

The high quality of this oil is guaranteed by the marked attention to some crucial factors such as:

the degree of ripeness of the olives – the best time is when the olives begin to change their color from green to purplish red (veraison).
the milling – immediately after the harvest, the olives are brought to the mill and within the same day they are pressed, as the stationing increases the acidity and oxidation of the fats.
the “cold pressing” kneading – pressing temperature of the olives does not exceed 27°, a condition that allows to keep intact and enhance the organoleptic characteristics of the oil and its aromas.