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Pecorino di Pienza


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"Per la rigorosa interpretazione della tradizione casearia delle crete senesi"


Pecorino cheese

The history of the Armellini family and that of the Mulas family weave together since 30 years.
In 1960 BM moves from Sardinia to the Val d’O, in search of pastures for his sheep and there he
buys lands and farmhouses.
He decides to settle in Pienza with his family; then it’s turn for his children to carry on their father’s
activity, as pastoralists and farmers, and they open soon after a farmhouse.
The company continues to grow with Ernello Armellini, Battista’s son-in-law, who starts to practice
the process of transforming milk into cheese.
Then in 1989 the Verdi Pascoli dairy was born, located in San Polo, an old renovated farm nearby
Pienza, the famous town in Val d’orcia which is recognised as UNESCO heritage site.
Pecorino di Pienza (Pienza pecorino cheese) is produced in different kinds of seasoning, using only
the milk of their own sheep. Even today, the "Verdi Pascoli" dairy produces "Cacio di Pienza" and
it has remained family-oriented, strongly rooted into the local economic fabric but at the same time
opened towards new markets and new opportunities


The farmhouse

Agriturismo: The Bagnolo farmhouse is located a few kilometers from Pienza and can be reached
by taking the provincial road that leads from Pienza to the abbey of Sant'Anna, famous for its
frescoes by Sodoma and also for the many scenes from the film The English Patient which filmed
right here.

The farmhouse is located in a quiet and very open area and immersed in an intact environment
characterized by the Sienese hills, offering to the visitors:

a large panoramic garden
a small playground for children
a small lake for sport fishing
an internal courtyard for outdoor dining

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