We offer the opportunity to take guided visits to the cheese production premises that includes the tasting of the company’s products.

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Our company is located about 3 km away from Pienza along the state road that connects to S.Quirico d’Orcia, continuing towards Trequanda and S.Anna in Camprena. Rebuilding a production cycle according to the traditional methods is for the company a challenge that requires rigor and courageous choices.
We must live on earth and place ourselves at the center of a closed cycle giving space to nature and its rights. This is where Ernello’s experience has started, grafting the ancient tradition of cheesemaking in Valdorcia onto an experienced pastoral management.
There is a good rule of thumb in the ‘Cacio di Pienza’ production system that must be preserved to achieve the quality mentioned by Pius II: the ‘slowness’. Factor that limits the ‘quantity’, but which enhances the taste. Certain rules require an ideal dimension: the ‘familiar’ one. Ernello’s choice has been in his own time that of a ‘family’ run, as an added value to a product that has earned recognition today in Italy and even abroad.
The closed cycle of this production experience, verifiable with a visit to the company (including direct management of the pastures, the breeding of the flock, the milking, the cheesemaking and the distribution of the product), is the only guarantee to the peculiarities transmitted to the memory of Pienza. This allows the essential aromatic herbs (mentastro, barbabecco, absinthe) to be kept in the pasture, fertilizing the soil with the only presence of the flock and taking care of the seasoning manually.
Ernello’s family is firmly and proudly engaged to this work, following the cadences imposed by the seasons and the moon. The quality of the ‘Cacio di Pienza’ is naturally linked to the respect for the seasonality and to the special care which only a family work, with its ancient cult of the ‘limit’, can guarantee. Above all, today ‘Cacio di Pienza’ must be produced this way, in the search of an ancient philosophy of taste.

How the visits take place:

  • A brief description of the history, the traditions related to “Cacio di Pienza” and the production organization of the company.
  • Visit to the premises and illustration of the various stages of the production and the maturing process of the cheeses.
  • Then in a special room you can taste 4 types of cheese, ricotta (if in season) and organic extra virgin olive oil with toasted bread.

The cheeses are not only the only product of Ernello known abroad: from his great passion for the olive tree and starting from just a limited production, in the last few years the extra-virgin organic olive oil has been awarded in 2004 by the well-known magazine German ‘Der Feinschmecker’ as one of the 250 best olive oils in the world.

With the traditional attention to the authenticity of the S.Polo Agricultural Company, we have created a product that meets the new needs of the consumer oriented towards organic food. The highly prized extra virgin olive oil is obtained by cold pressing the olives carefully selected and harvested by hand, grown in our land in Castelmuzio, which for the particular quality of the oil has been recognized as the “City of Oil”.